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Vendors and Sales

salesmanThe Clerk's Office issues vendor permits that allow for solicitation within the community, including door-to-door sales. Licensed vendors will have Township-issued photo identification on them and are required to follow all Township ordinances. Any unlicensed vendors should be reported to the Macomb County Sheriff at (586) 469-5151.

Currently, there are 3 vendor(s) licensed to do business in Harrison Township.
Power Home Remodeling, Spire Limits, Inc. and Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

Any person soliciting within the township shall abide by any instructions given by the occupant of any residence within the township in regard to access to the premises. Such instructions may be oral or in writing, and if in writing, the instructions shall be in the following form "NO SOLICITORS INVITED".

Individuals interested in applying for a vendor's license can find the form here, or contact our office at (586) 466-1406 for more information.