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Water Meter Register Upgrade Program

The Harrison Township Water Department has initiated a township-wide water meter register replacement program. The Township is implementing this program due to the age of the current water meter reading system. The new meter registers will be compatible with the Township's Advanced Metering Infrastructure. Once operational, it will allow remote access to meter readings and usage data by residents and Water Department staff.

What’s being replaced?
All water meters in the Township have three main components: the brass meter body, the meter register (or the meter "face") and the reading device. Water meters throughout the Township will have their current register and reading device removed & replaced with an "all-in-one" register / reading device. 

Who does this apply to?
ALL customers with a water meter will be required to participate in the replacement program.

The Water Department has partnered with Vepo Solutions to facilitate the replacement of your water meter register. You will be contacted by Vepo Solutions by mail in the upcoming months to schedule an appointment for a technician to replace your equipment. This page will include a link to the scheduling website and the phone number to the Vepo call center when it becomes available.

RESIDENTIAL Customers:  In most cases, your water service will NOT be interrupted & the service will only take 15-30 minutes. Special circumstances in residential areas will require the water to be temporarily shut off at the street.
COMMERCIAL & BUSINESS Customers: Some commercial customers with meter sizes larger than 1 1/2" will require the water service to be temporarily interrupted.

All water meters are located INSIDE. They are typically located in basements, utility closets, cabinets, and crawlspaces. The technician will need access to the inside of your home / business. 

What about the current reading system?
Harrison Township's current water meter reading system is being replaced due to age. The reading device that the meter uses to communicate with the billing office is battery powered with the lifespan lasting approximately 10 years. The installation of the existing reading system began in 2011. If your reading device fails, your bills will be estimated using historical usage (per Township Ordinance). This could result in over-billing or under-billing, creating potential for customers to receive unexpectedly large bills.

The new Master Meter registers bring innovative technology to the residents of the Township, allowing customers to monitor their own water usage through My Water Advisor. The online portal will be available to customers to monitor their water consumption, set threshold alarms, and receive leak alerts. Seasonal residents will have the ability to monitor their usage while they are away.

If you should have any further questions regarding the meter register replacement program, please contact the Water Department at (586) 466-1400.