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Water and Sewer Department

Pay Your Water Bill Here

Explaining Your Bill
MC/OC Interceptor Charge on the water bill is for the repair or replacement of sewers that connect Macomb and Oakland Counties with Detroit.
Water and Sewer R/S (readiness to serve) is a flat rate charged to all customers for water consumed and for all sewer flow.
                                                                            ELECTRONIC CHECK/ACH PAYMENTS
                                                                             (Bill Pay From Your Financial Institution)

Currently, Harrison Township is not set up for ACH (electronically deposited funds) payments when paying your water bill through Bill Pay from your financial institution.  The payment is sent to a third party that creates a paper check which is then mailed to Harrison Township.  When creating your bill pay
account, it is recommended to us our direct address:  

Harrison Township
38151 L'Anse Creuse
Harrison Township, MI  48045

Payment can also be mailed to the PO Box address listed on the payment coupon.  Be sure to include your ACCOUNT NUMBER EXACTLY as it appears on coupon to avoid additional delays.

Please allow 10 days for the process prior to your due date, and be aware of potential USPS mail delays.  We are not responsible for payments that are not received on time. 

                                                                                        ONLINE PAYMENTS
                                                                          (FREE to Pay by Electronic Check)

To make an FREE ONLINE PAYMENT-please click Here .  This link will take you to BSA search where you can pull up the bill you want to pay.  You will then be directed to our new payment platform (Point & Pay).  Choose Electronic Check for payment type, which will ask for your routing and accounting number.

Credit cards are also accepted(2.9% convenience fee for credit cards.) 

                                                        HOW TO SAVE BIG MONEY ON YOUR WATER BILL

With the approach of warmer weather comes the possibility of the dreaded higher than normal water bills due to outside water use. Did you know that as a Harrison Township resident or business owner, you are able to purchase a second water meter for all of your warm weather needs? By purchasing a second water meter, (commonly called a sprinkling meter) you will greatly reduce your water bill due to the fact that there is no sanitary sewer charge for the water that travels through the sprinkling meter. You can also connect your backup water-driven sump pump and all of your outside garden hose connections to the sprinkling meter. This means watering the lawn, filling your swimming pool, washing your vehicles, power washing the deck, or simply running through the sprinkler can all be done at a greatly reduced water rate. Please contact the Harrison Township Water Department at (586)-466-1425 or (586)-466-1426 for complete details regarding cost, permit requirements and how the addition of a sprinkling meter can save you money. 

                                                                                                PAYMENT OPTIONS

Please see the back of the water bill where it will list the many options available to make payments.  Please contact the Treasurer's Office if you have questions about setting up payment online at