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Jay Czerwinski
Danielle Devlin
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Scott Palmer
Joseph Solomon
Ken Verkest
 Bruce Meek
 Scott Cortese
Joe Selvaggio

The waterfront area generally surrounding the intersection of Crocker Boulevard and Jefferson Avenue within Harrison Township features a dense concentration of marine related uses. Yet, the district lacks a defined sense of place or identity, as well as businesses, services and uses that would contribute to the establishment of a 24-hour waterfront destination. Thus, Harrison Township is undertaking this planning effort to set the foundation for future investments within the district to facilitate the development of a premier waterfront destination.

More specifically, the Waterfront Redevelopment Plan has been prepared to address the following objectives:

• Create and enhance public access to Lake St. Clair and other coastal resources
• Protect the coastal resources of the district (Lake St. Clair and the Clinton River Spillway)
• Incorporate Low Impact Development and “green” techniques in development activities
• Enhance the aesthetics of the waterfront district
• Establish a sense of arrival to the waterfront district
• Stimulate private investments within the waterfront district
• Establish pedestrian connections to the waterfront, business district, public properties, neighborhoods and emerging regional trail system
• Explore the feasibility of establishing a downtown development authority or other similar authority to generate revenues for district enhancements
• Serve as a marketing tool to attract outside investments to the waterfront district
• Engage and rally support amongst local businesses, citizens and property owners around a clear vision for the waterfront district

Waterfront Redevelopment Plan
MEDC Downtown Development Authority Information
Downtown Development Authority and Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Plan

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